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See How Easily You Can Charge Your Crystals

Posted by Mystic Melissa on

To Fully Recharge your crystals put them in the FULL MOON light.

?Lunar Eclipse ? Full Moon in Libra March 23rd 2016 at 5AM PST/8AM EST

It’s time to weigh yourself in the balance of Libra⚖ Don’t forget to put out your crystals to cleanse them!! ?✨?✨ 

It’s a magical time with the Spring Equinox and the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aries/Libra. With the Full Moon in Libra, it’s all about balance. Everything you have been working on from the inside will begin to manifest itself on the outside. It’s time to let your new story begin!

Learn as you go by doing and not overthinking things. Move slow but allow yourself to move forward. Do not be paralyzed by fear and procrastination. For me, I have always dealt with problems surrounding perfectionism and the fear of not being able to be the best at something. A lot of us are guilty of this! To overcome this, allow yourself to have fun and learn as you go. If something is not perfect - its fine! Who cares! At least you are moving forward with your passions. After all, practice does make perfect.

You cannot become a master if you don’t start somewhere small. Allow your passion to be fun in order to grow your dreams into a flourishing beam of light. Ask for help from those around you, always keeping balance by making an equal exchange. Remember, what you put out will return to you. Ask and it is given. We are all intertwined in the Collective Paradigm. 

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