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Lepidolite Necklace

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Lepidolite Necklace

  • Relaxation
  • Reduces Stress
  • Anti-depressant
  • Releases emotional blockages
  • Balance emotions with intellect

Lepidolite is crystallized Lithium, the same mineral used in antidepressant medication, but in its pure form - right out of the earth! Known as "the stone of transition"; use Lepidolite to reduce stress associated with change. Lepidolite helps shift and restructure your old energy patterns and brings light and hope to a situation.

Chakra / Healing


  • Heart Chakra
  • Crown Chakra
  • Third Eye Chakra
  • Throat Chakra

“I am emotionally balanced and filled with inner peace”

Zodiac Signs:

Numerical Vibration:

☀ Handmade with love in sunny Southern California ☀

Note: What makes crystals so wonderful is that they are all one of a kind - therefore different sizes and shapes will vary.