Calming and Renewal Crystal Grid

Calming & Renewal Crystal Grid

  • 6 Banded Amethyst 
  • 2 Iolite
  • 4 Hematite
  • 4 Aquamarine
  • 2 Howlite
  • 1 Large Clear Quartz

This Crystal Grid was designed to help you achieve balance within and tap into your true essence. This grid is made with crystals for calming and stress to help you remember to be patient, let go, and just breathe. This special grid also harnesses the energy to have the strength to let go of what is no longer serving you in order to activate creativity and transformation The Calming & Renewal Crystal Grid is in the sacred geometry shape –the Seed of Life. This is the universal symbol of creation. Everything that exists in reality comes from the form of the seed of life. The Seed of Life often represents prosperity, security, creation, and abundance.