Thank you for being a conscious consumer who responsibly cares about where they get crystals. Here is our story, read it until the end. We promise you will not get bored!


The power of crystal grids were revealed to us in 2015 while living in San Diego, California. We were really excited about finally being able to focus our intentions to attract positive vibes and begin manifesting bigger and better than we have ever before. I’m talking so excited we even went crystal mining ourselves at the Oceanview mine.

We were ready to put crystal grids to work. That’s when we realized it’s hard to find pre-made crystal grids sets. We spent a lot of time researching crystal properties, sacred geometry patterns, numerology, and other factors.

All we needed was a simple way to select a grid based on intention or what we needed in life. We searched the internet and found two things. Either grids that were hundreds of dollars or crystal grid sets that had a dinky three to four crystals the size of a dime.


That’s when we took action, rolled up our sleeves, and decided to make it simple for people like you! Boom! The Crystal Grid concept was officially born.


We handcraft crystal grid sets that synergize sacred geometry, numerology, specific crystal properties, and even provide you with guided manifestation mantras. We hand select high quality crystals with only the best vibes to place on wooden grid boards that are crafted from sustainable birch trees and 100% crafted in the USA by small artisans.

Giving back to Mother Earth 🌍

People love the grids so much we decided to give back to the communities that you live. In 2020 we began the One Crystal, One Tree promise to literally grow sustainable communities in areas our supporters live.


Are you ready to up your manifestation and meditations? If you know your intention go select your crystal grid set now. If you need the universe’s help, take our “criz” (crystal quiz).

Building the World's Largest Crystal Grid one crystal at a time

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