How to Use Crystals: 47 Fun Things to Do With Your Crystals

Ever wondered how to use crystals or what to do with crystals? Not only do crystals look amazing, but there are so many different things that you can do with them!

Every crystal has unique benefits and properties while still being incredibly versatile. One of the amazing things about them is how many incredible uses they have!

This list breaks down how to use crystals and 47 different ways to use your crystals and ensure that you are getting the most benefit out of your stones while helping yourself, body, mind and spirit.

Whether you just started, or have been practicing with crystals for your entire life, I am sure that you can find some new ideas in this article that will help to enrich your lifestyle.

Let’s start with my favorite 

  1. Build a Crystal Grid - Obviously the first thing that you’re going to want to do is build a crystal grid! A crystal grid is fantastic for intensifying the power generated by crystals and magnifying your intention. You can even write your intention on a piece of paper and fold it up and place it into the center of your crystal grid! Check out all the areas you can put crystal grids in the list below.


How to use crystals in the home or living space

  1. Place at the dinner table - Crystal table decor is super easy and crystals make a gorgeous centerpiece to any table! It makes a fantastic conversation piece and the energy helps to open lines of communication between your family and friends as you share a meal.
  1. Place over front door - Placing crystals over your front door is a great way to protect yourself from negative energy entering your home. Black tourmaline works incredibly well for this, acting as a guardian stone and protecting you and your loved ones from spiritual or physical attacks.
  2. Use as cabinet handles - A great DIY project is to replace your cabinet handles with crystals. Not only does it look absolutely amazing, but it maximizes your contact time with them! You can find gorgeous drawer handles made from gemstones on amazon here!
  3. Make a crystal grid in your living space - A crystal grid with the right intentions can help to promote friendship as well as relaxation and communication. It can be used as a centerpiece on your coffee table or even hidden away under your couch or favorite chair!
  4. Place around the TV to reduce EMF - Electromagnetic frequencies are everywhere! Malachite works incredibly well to help absorb and mitigate the effects of EMF on your body. Place a stone or two around your television set to help absorb some of the excess.
  5. Place next to wifi hub - Placing a piece of shungite is a great way to reduce the amount of EMF around your home. This makes sure that you and your family stay healthy!


Crystals for the Bedroom

  1. Create a bed crystal grid - a crystal grid can be built under the bed to help promote deep sleep. When building your grid in the bedroom make sure that your intention behind it is to get deep, restful sleep! Once built, watch your nighttime routine change and the stress melt away from the day as your crystals do their job!
  2. Place over bedroom door - Clear quartz is a powerful cleansing tool. A piece of clear quartz over your bedroom door will help to cleanse you of any negative energy that you picked up throughout the day so you can be at peace when you lay down to rest.
  3. Place under your pillow - A piece of Lepidolite under your pillow can help to soothe you as you try and fall asleep! Lepidolite also helps to ward off nightmares to make sure that you get a restful night sleep.
  4. Place on your nightstand - A piece of lithium quartz can help to reduce anxiety. Keeping a piece on your nightstand can improve your sleep and help you get the rest that you need!
  5. Place in a dreamcatcher over your bed - Incorporating crystals into a dreamcatcher can help to drastically improve the effectiveness of both! Making a small dreamcatcher to place over your bed is incredibly easy to do and can help to promote a great night's sleep.


Crystals for the Office

  1. Make a crystal grid in your office space - Most people associate office spaces with work and stress. Building a crystal grid in your office can help to mitigate some of the stress and even help boost your productivity! (P.S. We recommend a Protection Crystal Grid)
  2. Use as a paperweight - A crystal can help to change the energy in a space. So why not use one in your office to replace the paperweight that you are currently using? Not only does it help to boost your mood, but it also looks amazing sitting on your desk!
  3. Place near your computer - A piece of shungite placed near your computer can help reduce the amount of EMF that your body is absorbing. It looks amazing and helps your health in the long run. Who doesn’t love a functional decoration in their office?


Crystals for Bathroom

  1. Infuse your bath water - A bath is a great way to relax, but why not take it a step further? Infusing your bath water with your crystals is a great way to help promote deeper relaxation and helps you to absorb some of the energy from your crystals!
  2. Infuse your facial cleansing water - If a bath isn’t the right thing for you, then definitely consider infusing the water that you are going to use to cleanse your face! It still helps to absorb some good energy and promotes healthy skin too!
  3. Infuse or embed in soaps - Making your own soap is incredibly easy to do! Why not include your crystals? When making your soap, embed a piece of clear quartz into your soap to help cleanse your spirit while cleansing your hands!




Crystals around the House

  1. Build a crystal grid in your garden - A crystal grid built in your garden can help to create a peaceful environment for your plants and yourself! It also makes a great focal point that adds to the natural beauty of your flower beds!
  2. Place crystals directly into the soil - Do you have any flowers or plants that aren’t doing so great? A crystal placed on the soil near their root system can help the plant thrive and give it a source of good energy to pull from! It also works great for indoor or outdoor potted plants!


  1. Make wind chimes - Making your own wind chimes is incredibly easy to do and help promote relaxation. Take your relaxation by utilizing the calming properties of different crystals to help the wind chimes create a soothing environment for anyone within earshot!
  2. Place a crystal in your car - Does your morning commute leave you feeling upset? Try placing a calming crystal in your car to help soothe you as you make your drive into work. A crystal in the cup holder of your can seriously help to improve your mood throughout the day!
  3. Infuse the water for your plants - Use healing crystals to infuse the water that you’re going to give your plants! This helps to promote growth as well as create an even more soothing environment when you walk through your garden!


Crystals on your Person

  1. Carry in your pocket - Carrying a stone programmed with your intentions for the day can help to keep you calm and focused on the task at hand. It is a great way to make sure that you have an extra boost of good energy always with you and helps you achieve your goals!
  2. Carry in your purse - If you don’t have the extra pocket space, place a few stones in your purse! They will still help to create calming energy and keep you focused throughout the day!
  3. Use to attract love (Take on romantic dates) - Rose quartz is a powerful crystal when it comes to love! It looks absolutely stunning and helps your heart be open and accepting to love while drawing it to you!
  4. Infuse your drinking water - Infusing your drinking water is a great way to ensure you’re getting the full benefits from your chosen crystals. It is incredibly easy to do and takes just a little time. For more information on making your own crystal elixir, check out this great article!
  5. Place at the top of the dream list - if there is a specific goal in your life that you are trying to achieve, a great way to help manifest it is to write it down. Make a list of your goals and place a crystal on the list to help manifest it even quicker. Citrine works great for this as it is considered one of the most powerful stones for manifestation!
  6. Add to your favorite hair accessories - Crystals look incredible. Why not add a few to your favorite hair accessories to make sure that you have them on you at all times! Amethyst and moonstone are both great crown chakra healing gemstones.
  7. Use to attract wealth (take on business meetings) - Many stones such as green jade and pyrite help to attract wealth. Let your crystals speak to the universe for you and help you attract the money that you need!
  8. Add to your phone case - A crystal added to your phone case can help to reduce the amount of EMF making it to your body! Making your own crystal Phone case is super easy and fun to do!
  9. Add a jade roller into your beauty routine - A cold jade roller helps to relieve under eye puffiness and promotes great skin. Not only that, but it feels amazing too!
  10. Place in shoes - Placing a crystal in your shoes when not in use can help some of that good energy rub off. A great stone for this is amethyst, as it can help you discern your direction in life and take you down the path that is meant for you!
  11. Place on your yoga mat - Placing a few crystals on your yoga mat can help you center yourself and relax as you go. Clear quartz is amazing to help cleanse your spirit and can help to promote your mood while you practice your yoga!
  12. Hold during meditation - Holding onto some of your favorite crystals while meditating can help you to remain focused and cleanse your spirit. Make sure that you program your crystals with your intentions before you begin and watch as this revolutionizes your meditation time!
  13. Cleanse other crystals - Most crystals need to be periodically cleansed. However, some crystals, like carnelian, selenite and clear quartz are actually already cleansing themselves! You can use these amazing crystals as a tool to cleanse any other crystals that you might have on hand!


Crystals Gifts and Crystals DIY Projects

  1. Make a necklace - Making a necklace can be an incredibly fun experience! Pick out your favorite crystals and the rest is incredibly simple! For a great tutorial, check out this video!
  2. Make a bracelet - Making a bracelet doesn’t have to be difficult and you can find most of the supplies at your local craft store! Determine what crystals you want to keep on you and be sure to program them every day!
  3. Make a ring - A ring can be an incredible gift. Even more so when it is handmade and the stone is chosen specifically for the recipient! Keep in mind what intentions you are programing into the crystal when giving this gift!
  4. Add to your pets collar - Your pets need just as much love and guidance as you do! Adding a few small crystals to their collar can help to promote their mood and guard them as they go about their business!
  5. Make a bookmark - Adding a crystal to your bookmark is a great way to make sure you don’t lose your place! Not only does it look amazing but it helps to cleanse you while you are reading! Aquamarine helps to improve your thought and your intelligence and is a great stone to have on hand as you read through your favorite book!
  6. Make your own coasters - Slices of agate work incredibly well as coasters! While you sip on your favorite drink, the agate is hard at work helping to re-balance your body, mind and soul! They also look incredibly amazing and are sure to be a conversation piece between you and your guests.
  7. Add to your magick wands - Adding crystals to your wands is an easy way to boost your spellwork! They help to intensify your intention and make your magick much more potent!
  8. Make a magnet - A great way to display your crystals is to add magnets to them! Adding a magnet allows you to place them on different surfaces and makes them incredibly functional while still being beautiful!
  9. Add to your paintings - Some crushed crystal can be mixed directly into the paint you are using. Whole gemstones can even be attached to the finished piece to add texture and depth!
  10. Make a key chain - Adding a small attachment to your favorite crystal is very easy to do. Adding your crystal to your favorite keychain ensures that you always have them on hand! Be sure to think about what stone will work best for you!
  11. Make a gem elixir to purify your home - Much like infusing your drinking water, you can infuse water used to cleanse your home! Sprinkling a few drops on your door frame or threshold can help with anything from protection to purification depending on the crystals chosen!

Hopefully you found some amazing ideas from this list and will continue to use crystals in your daily life! Be sure to write in if there is a way that you like to use your crystals that I forgot to add to this list!

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