One Crystal, One Tree

We get it. We love crystals, you love crystals. We love trees, you love trees. So every time you get a crystal, we give you (the planet) a tree. We partner with #TeamTrees on their journey of planting over 20,000,000 trees! That is not a typo, T-W-E-N-T-Y M-I-L-L-I-O-N trees. 

We know consumers have power. I am talking about life and earth changing power. In fact that is why we source all of our materials from local artisans or family owned crystal shops and mines.

Buy a crystal grid today and vote with your dollar to help better the world! 

How it works:

You shop with us

We ship to your door

We both help enrich 
the world by planting
millions of new trees.
(Pssst, that is good for every body)

You manifested a 10% discount

Need a crystal? (P.S. nobody has ever actually said no.) Get your 10% crystal coupon to start manifesting a better reality, right now!