Crystals for Charity

With every purchase you make, you are alleviating poverty around the globe and creating sustainable jobs for primarily women entrepreneurs in developing countries worldwide.

You can't lift somebody out of poverty, they must lift themselves. Together, we help empower Entrepreneurs, mostly in developing countries, have access to micro-loans to responsibly learn how to create a business with capital that besides would be unavailable. Primarily women business owners take profits and reinvest it in their family; so they can put more into education, healthcare, housing, nutrition, rehab, and welfare. Every meal makes a difference, and every investment you help donate goes a long way towards helping this family enrichment.  It's these improvements to the children that is going to help this family escape poverty. A woman might not be able to escape poverty on her own trying to feed five kids but if these kids have better education and nutrition the chances that they can escape poverty is greatly increased.

How it Works

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You help enrich a family in need


Our Donation Partner - Whole Planet Foundation

The mission of Whole Planet Foundation is to provide financial support to alleviate poverty through expansion of microcredit services in mostly developing countries. 100% of the Foundation’s overhead costs are covered by Whole Foods Market and thus 100% of donations go to microlending programs effective at alleviating poverty.
Countries: 68
Microcredit Clients: 1,449,270
Female Clients outside the United States: 87%
Estimated People Supported: 7,820,000
Funds Committed: $68,997,065



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Long Term Sustainable Jobs for Entrepreneurs,  You Created Through Crystals For Charity

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