Do Healing Crystals Really Work?

Do Crystals Really Work?

Do Crystals really work? This is the number one question that people cannot help but wonder. There seems to be a divide in the debate as modern day scientist claim there is no "hard proof" to show they work. However, just like everything worth debating; that's not quite the whole story.

Every ancient civilization has utilized crystals in a vast variety of ways--from healing, enhancing mental function, to balancing the body for physical strength and courage. The word crystal comes from the Greek word “krystallos”, meaning frozen light. The use of crystals dates back over 5,000 years in traditional Chinese medicine texts and is even referenced in the Bible over 200 times for their power and associations. And when I say "ancient" I mean ANCIENT; Quartz crystal has been on this Earth since the beginning of time.

Silicon has its own very large group of minerals known as Silicates. Approximately 85% of the Earth’s crust is composed of silicate minerals—of that, about 46.6% Oxygen and 27.7% Silicon. This means that silicon and oxygen are the two most common elements in the crust. Silicon and Oxygen combine to form Silicon Oxide, which in it's pure form is known as mineral Quartz!

We are literally floating in space on a huge quartz crystal ball. I find it hard to believe that the two major mineral components of the Earth's crust would hold no scientific value to the living beings who live on it.

The modern day invention of the radio used a quartz crystal to transmit frequencies because of its precise measurable frequency or precise rate of vibration; which lead to pretty much all modern computing technology with the use of silicon chips. If crystals have the ability to transform the energy used in computer chips, then why are questioning their ability to transform energy in other ways? Can our thoughts of intention be amplified with a crystal to reconnect with ancient wisdom on a subtle vibrational level?

Dr. Emoto conducted a triple-blind study that revealed that positive and negative verbal intentions (words) directed at water was measurable by freezing the water and inspecting the water molecules which resemble snowflakes when frozen. The positive words resulted in beautiful and complex crystal structures while the negative words resulted in gross ugly structures.i I

Renowned IBM scientist, Marcel Vogel is best known for his discovery of how crystals work and how to reprogram them to be silicon chips in a computer. Vogel pioneered efforts to photograph and record crystals as they grew in their liquid state under a microscope. He was able to document that while watching crystals grow under a polarizing microscope, he noticed that when liquid crystal state cooled the solidified crystal seemed to take the shape of whatever he was thinking about at the time. After a year of effort to videotape this phenomenon was video recorded at the point of transition. This was one of the first pieces of scientific evidence to show the meta-physical power of the mind manifesting itself into a physical form. 

Crystals, as Marcel Vogel knew, can both store and recover information. Vogel hypothesized that there is a constant assembling and disassembling of bonds between molecules in these solids, which causes them to vibrate. A group of Stanford scientists proved this in concrete terms when they succeeded in putting a 3-dimensional image of the Mona Lisa into a quartz crystal and then retrieving it. (1) (Newsweek, September 1994)

Albert Einstein said that everything in life is vibration or energy.  Sound is a vibration, and so are your thoughts.  Everything that manifests in your life is there because it matches the vibration of your thoughts.

So, when people ask me, do crystal really work? I share this knowledge and how they work for me. They make me feel happy and bring a spiritual sense of joy when I look at them. I place crystals all over my home to remind me of the oneness and connection I have with every living organism and mother nature. I feel them vibrate, pulse, and resonate when I hold them in my hands. I wear crystal jewelry that features different gemstones that my intuition helps me select; depending on what healing properties I intuitively feel that I need that day. These gemstones from mother Earth transfers her energy in to me.

For me crystals are not a placebo effect. It is not in my head. It is a feeling—a feeling of indescribable and unconditional love. Working with crystals over the years has changed my life and I will continue to work with them to clarify my consciousness of reality.

To experience the healing power of crystals as a tool is the art of intention. The universe is vast and is filled with spirit and energy that is not yet completely understood by the human mind as science is still catching up to the invisible world of energy.

If you believe and feel that crystals will empower you on a vibrational level, they most certainly will. But if the vibration of your thoughts is saying, "No, it won't work since science doesn't understand it," then you are right; crystals probably won't work for you. If our thoughts in our mind create our perception of reality, and Quartz crystals have the ability magnify and amplify those thoughts, then it is important to put intention in the consciousness you desire to be.

Our thoughts come to us every second and this shows the importance of becoming aware of our thoughts, actions, words and the power they posses. My journey for balance and enlightenment has been enhanced with meditation, breath, movement,  and many other techniques teaching patience and awareness.

Working with the healing power of crystals is unique to one's self. Knowing thyself and learning to understand the energy in front of us. For us to learn mysteries about one's self we need to remove the amnesia created by society and reconnect with our ancient wisdom. 

Each one of us is very similar to science in many ways—not everything has been discovered about ourselves and our path. There are many things that still remain a mystery, waiting to be discovered.

Peace and Love,

The Crystal Grid

Photo Credit: Into the Lost Crystal Caves

Credit: (1) Stanford.eduSandatlas | The Legacy of Marcel Vogel | Masaro Emoto

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