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With every purchase you make, you are alleviating poverty around the globe and creating sustainable jobs for primarily women entrepreneurs in developing countries worldwide.

You can't lift somebody out of poverty, they must lift themselves. Together, we help empower Entrepreneurs, mostly in developing countries, have access to micro-loans to responsibly learn how to create a business with capital that besides would be unavailable. Primarily women business owners take profits and reinvest it in their family; so they can put more into education, healthcare, housing, nutrition, rehab, and welfare. Every meal makes a difference, and every investment you help donate goes a long way towards helping this family enrichment.  It's these improvements to the children that is going to help this family escape poverty. A woman might not be able to escape poverty on her own trying to feed five kids but if these kids have better education and nutrition the chances that they can escape poverty is greatly increased. Learn More  ›

- Building the World's Largest Crystal Grid -

Our mission is to spread awareness and reawaken the wandering soul to the ancient wisdom and healing properties of crystals. The Crystal Grid is a conscious lifestyle brand that supplies you with the tools of the purest of vibrations that will nourish, rejuvenate, and raise your consciousness.

The crystal energy within each piece of jewelry serves as a guide to harness your own inner power and higher self. Everyone has the power within, and The Crystal Grid shows you how to tap into that power.

When a crystal is passed from one person to another, that positive energy is transferred, thus increasing the frequency of planet. This creates a sense of harmony and oneness for the world, elevating us to a higher dimension.

We believe we can inspire and motivate the world to spread consciousness with a single beautiful crystal. With the crystal movement, we build the world's crystal grid larger, one gem at a time.

The Crystal Grid We Are Building With Your Help!

Our goal is to connect over 100,000 people world-wide in 5 years with crystals and show you the grid online. Help us in making THE WORLDS LARGEST CRYSTAL GRID! 

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