Self Love Crystal Grid

  • 1 Huge Rose Quartz Piece
  • 4 Aventurine Pieces
  • 4 Clear Quartz Points
  • 4 Rhondonite Pieces
  • 6 Fluorite Pieces
  • 4 Malachite Pieces
  • 8 Rose Quartz Pieces
  • 1 Selenite Wand

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5 Star Review!

Mystic Melissa & The Crystal Grid is Amazing & Awesome! The Crystal Grid provides Excellent Customer Service, Prompt Delivery & an Exceptional Product Line. Recently, I purchase the Beautiful Self Love Crystal Grid. It contained the most Astonishing group of Crystals I have ever seen. Each shined with the most Amazing Brilliance! I held each of them one-by-one in my right hand. Immediately, I felt a warm & vibrant connection with the crystals. I purchased the Self Love Crystal Grid for Unconditional Self Love; most of all, to mend a relationship that is already in my life. Because of its Abundant Brilliance, The Self Love Crystal Grid has inspired me to Meditate more frequently and to believe by Faith in what I would like to have Manifest in my Life with great joy! Thank you again Mystic Melissa & The Crystal Grid! Namaste & Agape Always! “May Your Soul & Spirit Fly Into The Mystic!” (Smile!)

Taranza C.