Crystal Healing with Rose Quartz

by Krystal Mercola

Crystal Healing with Rose Quartz

Sometimes life takes so much of your time and energy that you find it difficult to maintain love relations. You may be in a relationship, be recovering from a broken heart, or just be on a self-love journey. You need to learn how to set good intentions for your love and intimate relationships to grow as individuals. This is because romantic relationships with yourself or another require constant growth and attention. 

Crystal healing for love is best-achieved using rose quartz. Once you start concentrating on love, no matter what your relationship may be, you start changing your behavior and thoughts from whatever was preventing you from having a healthy relationship, or from taking the next step all these years.

With the help of rose quartz, you can find and practice the best technique for your love goal for the month. However before starting, write down your intention and whatever is blocking you and you will notice the changes after meditating for one moon cycle or for 40 days.

Love Yourself First

The most important love relationship starts with yourself. Once you love yourself, you can open your heart to receive love from others and return lots of love. 

Steps to Self Love:

  • Take your rose quartz point and write down at least ten things you love about yourself in your journal. 
  • Stand in front of a mirror and hold your rose quartz point in both hands.
  • While looking at yourself in the eye, read aloud whatever you love about yourself. 
  • Repeat for this 40 days. Once you can confidently say all this about yourself, you have neurologically reprogrammed your cellular essence. 
  • This helps improve your mind, spirit and body’s wellbeing and you find your list growing as you practice every day for 40 days.

Attracting Relationships

Sometimes, it’s not easy finding the right love of your life. Most of the time we end up dating similar people and wonder why we have repeatedly been attracted to people whose relationships do not work out. Moreover, while entering a new relationship, you find a lot of whatever wasn’t forgiven or healed from past relationships coming to the forefront and continuing in new relationships. To move forward, and find long-lasting love, you need to first get rid of that past energy.

To work to attract a relationship, start by lying down on your back with a malachite stone piece over your heart while holding the rose quartz point in your hands. Then close your eyes and enter a meditative state to relive all the emotions and patterns you couldn’t release from past relationships. The crystals will transform the energies you never released and once they are released, rose quartz is the strongest force that will help you attract love. 


Mend a Broken Heart

While it’s difficult to heal from past relationships, the process is faster if you actively work at it. Lay down with the rose quartz point on your chest and take a deep breath while closing your eyes. Think of your past relationship and ask yourself what the person had taught you. 

You need to be forgiving and not resentful, and be ready to learn from the relationship to heal from it. Dig to recollect whatever the person had meant, and taught you; like self-growth, boundaries in life or self-confidence. 

Once you realize what you had learnt from them, your perception about them changes, and you start forgiving and releasing them. You can then find it much easier growing and moving forward to find your best partner. 

Growing Your Love

It’s not enough to just be in a relationship. To thrive, it needs constant connection, growth and communication. Unfortunately with time, sometimes we tend to focus less on the relationship, and we slowly adopt a normal place in life. You need to foster your relationship with your partner to enjoy the relationship. 

Sit down and hold the rose quartz point in your hands. Close your eyes and while harnessing the crystal’s love, think of how your partner loves and supports you. Think about how you can be more loving towards them, where your connection deepens and what seems to be preventing you from maintaining the romance you had in the first few weeks of dating. 

Repeat every day with the rose quartz while continuously reflecting on these questions. With relationships needing constant connection, spend time every day reflecting and discovering how you can revive the relationship. You will be sure to significantly improve your love.

Krystal Mercola
Krystal Mercola


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